Vacuums Made in the USA: American Made Vacuum Cleaners

If we look at the range of vacuum cleaners in America, it is huge. An incredible number of different brands offer countless vacuum cleaners. From compact handheld vacuum cleaners to powerful upright vacuum cleaners. But, which vacuum cleaners are made in America? has researched vacuum cleaner brands that manufacture its vacuum cleaners in the United States. In this article I list all brands and tell you where exactly the production takes place.

Brands with USA made vacuum cleaners

There are several American vacuum cleaner brands that manufacture their vacuum cleaners in the United States. It currently concerns the following brands:

Kirby Company

Kirby Company (Kirby) is an American company that is part of Right Lane Industries LLC. The company was founded by Scott Fetzer Company on January 1, 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio in the United States. Kirby’s headquarters is still located there. The vacuum cleaners are made in Ohio or in Texas. The first vacuum cleaners were made by Jim Kirby: the vacuette.

  • Founded: 1914
  • Headquarters: Cleveland, Ohio, Andrews Texas
  • Manufacturing: Cleveland, Ohio, or Texas

Rexair LLC (Rainbow)

Rexair LLC is an American vacuum cleaner manufacturer. The company is based in Troy, Michigan1. The headquarters of Rexair LLC is also located there. The company was founded in 1932. The vacuum cleaners are manufactured in Cadillac, Michigan. The vacuum cleaners work with water: the water filters dust from the air. Rexair calls this the Rainbow Cleaning System.

  • Founded: 1932
  • Headquarters: Troy, Michigan
  • Manufacturing: Cadillac, Michigan

Tacony Corporation (Simplicity, Riccar, Carpet Pro)

Tacony Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of various vacuum cleaners. The company was founded in 1946 and is the umbrella company of several brands. In the field of vacuum cleaners, these are Simplicity, Riccar and Carpet Pro. The company is based in Fenton, Missouri. In 1997, Tacony moved vacuum cleaner production from Taiwan to St. James, Missouri2.

  • Founded: 1946
  • Headquarters: Fenton, Missouri
  • Manufacturing: St. James, Missouri

The Hoover Company

The Hoover Company, better known as Hoover, is an American company founded in 1908. The company produces various household appliances, including vacuum cleaners. Hoover vacuum cleaners are made at ‘The Hoover Plant’ in North Canton, Ohio. Hoover is part of TTI Floor Care North America, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina3.

  • Founded: 1908
  • Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Manufacturing: North Canton, Ohio

Metropolitan Vacuum Company (MetroVac)

Metropolitan Vacuum Company was founded in 1939. Hyman Gulker sold his pocket watch for $50 and gave it to his son and daughter (Israel and Pearl Stern) to realize their “American dream.” It was the beginning of Metropolitan Vacuum Company, better known as MetroVac. The head office is located in Oakland, New Jersey, where the vacuum cleaners are also produced.

  • Founded: 1939
  • Headquarters: Oakland, New Jersey
  • Manufacturing: Oakland, New Jersey

Oreck Corporation (Oreck)

Oreck Corporation was founded in 1963 by David Oreck4. In the beginning, the company only focused on vacuum cleaners, but later other household appliances were added. Today, the vacuum cleaners are manufactured in Cookeville, Tenn.

  • Founded: 1963
  • Headquarters: Nashville, Tenn
  • Manufacturing: Cookeville, Tenn

Maytag Corporation

Maytag was founded in 1893 as The Maytag Washing Machine Company. As the name suggests, it was initially a washing machine company. Maytag has been part of Whirlpool Corporation since 2006. Maytag vacuum cleaners are manufactured at Tacony Manufacturing in St. James, Missouri.

  • Founded: 1983
  • Headquarters: Benton Harbor, Michigan (Whirlpool)
  • Manufacturing: St. Jams, Missouri

Aerus LLC

Aerus LLC was founded in 1924 under the name Electrolux. The first product was a canister vacuum cleaner developed by Gustaf Sahlin. Aerus is headquartered in Bristol, Virginia. Since 2014, Aerus vacuum cleaners are also manufactured there.

  • Founded: 1924
  • Headquarters: Bristol, Virginia
  • Manufacturing: Bristol, Virginia

Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company (Eureka)

Eureka is part of Midea Group, a Chinese manufacturer of various household appliances. Although the company is now in Chinese hands, it is originally an American brand. It was founded in 1909 as the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company by Fred Wardell. Eureka is still headquartered in America: in Medford, Massachusetts to be precise. The vacuum cleaners are manufactured in Detroit, Michigan

  • Founded: 1909
  • Headquarters: Medford Massachusetts
  • Manufacturing: Detroit, Michigan

(USA) Brands with vacuum cleaner production elsewhere

USA has been put in parentheses because brands are sometimes part of a larger umbrella company that need not be based in America. For example, if we look at SharkNinja, it is part of JS Global Lifestyle Co., LTD, a Chinese manufacturer based in Hangzhou. Although the vacuum cleaner brand is based in America, production often takes place elsewhere.

The following American brands do not produce their vacuum cleaners in America, but elsewhere.

Bissell Inc

Bissell Inc. is an American company founded in 1876 by Melville Bissell. This makes it one of the oldest American vacuum cleaner brands. The company’s headquarters are located in Walker, Michigan. Although it is an American company, the production of Bissell vacuum cleaners takes place in China.

  • Founded: 1876
  • Headquarters: Walker, Michigan
  • Manufacturing: China

Shark Operation LLC (Shark)

SharkNinja Operation LLC, better known as SharkNinja, is an American designer and distributor of home appliances. The company was founded in 1993 and consists of two brands: Shark and Ninja. The brand sells its vacuum cleaners under the name Shark. Its headquarters are located in Needham, Massachusetts.

Shark Operation LLC was acquired in 2020 by CDH Investments5, a major Chinese asset manager based in Beijing. The vacuum cleaners are produced in China.

  • Founded: 1993
  • Headquarters: Needham, Mass
  • Manufacturing: China

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Kenmore is an American home appliance brand. The brand is owned by Transformco, part of ESL Investments. Kenmore was founded in 1913: the first Kenmore vacuum cleaners were only developed in 1932. Kenmore does not manufacture its vacuum cleaners itself. The products are produced by various manufacturers, including Whirlpool, Electrolux and Panasonic.

  • Founded: 1932
  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
  • Manufacturing: Different locations